Sunglasses are more than a fashion accessory, as they are necessary to protect our eyes from glare and damaging (UV) ultraviolet rays. UV rays can contribute to conditions such as cataracts (cloudiness of the lens), pterygium (overgrowth of tissue onto the cornea), and cancer around the eye. Glare is created by reflected light and can limit our ability to see clearly and comfortably. Polarised sunglasses are effective against horizontal surfaces such as water, roads, snow and reflective surfaces on cars and help maintain comfortable and clear vision, thus reducing squinting and eyestrain.



Maui Jim





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Maui Jim

Now we have a large stock of Maui Jim sunglasses. The range includes ‘Maui readers’ that have a hidden bifocal lens.


Runner or Cyclist?  Golf?  We have increased our range of Adidas sunglasses especially the Sports Range.

Frames feature Trifit technology so the stay in place.  Up to 3 sizes so it fits you better.  Quick release to change lens colour for different light conditions.

Lenses feature Light Stabilising Technology LST, Vario- lenses that adapt tint density depending on the light levels, Polarised – to stop glare off roads and water.  Orange is often used as a night riding lens colour.  Sunglasses can come with 2 sets of lenses or just choose the lens for your sport.



Zonyk (running/cycling frames) with LST lens.

Adidas Zonyk is the preferred sunglass of the Movistar cycling team.







Prescription – Fit in the frame or clip-in adaptor means any prescription can be fitted.

Prescription Sunglasses

If you wear prescription glasses to correct your distance vision, try prescription sunglasses.  We have a range of different colour options.  Polarised lenses stop reflected glare off water, roads and windscreens and are a must for driving and fishing.

Tax Deductibility

If you wear sunglasses while working outdoors you may be eligible for a tax deduction on your sunglass purchases. For more information please visit the Australian Taxation Office website at or call 13 28 61.


For sunglasses, there is a 1 year warranty on manufacturing fault from the date of purchase.

Health Insurance

Benefits can be claimed for prescription sunglasses from your Optical Health Insurance.

Australian Standards for Sunglasses

There is compulsory labeling on all sunglasses to help you select the most appropriate pair for your needs. These labels are:

Category 0

Fashion spectacles- not sunglasses

Very low sun glare reduction

Some UV protection

Category 1

Fashion spectacles – not sunglasses

Limited sun glare protection

Some UV protection

Not suitable for driving at night

Category 2


Medium sun glare protection

Good UV protection

Category 3


High sun glare reduction

Good UV protection

Category 4

Sunglasses – special purpose

Very high sun glare reduction

Good UV protection

Must not be used when driving