go to site Since the changes to Medicare, we no longer bulk-bill.  After your payment, we can claim your Medicare rebate on the spot for you.  If payment will be a problem for you please discuss it with a staff member.

Why Choose Us

er sucht sie in kassel markt de For attentive and reliable eye tests and quality glasses, come and see us.  We care about you getting a great result from your vision correction.

The VES scheme means we can provide subsidised glasses to Pension and Health Care Card holders.
Standard single vision incl. frame $45
Standard bifocals incl. frame $60
Standard Progressive incl. frame $103

We are registered to provide eye testing and glasses to members of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. The eye test is bulk-billed to Medicare and glasses are subsidised so only cost $10. We also provide our services to the clinic at Windamara Hamilton.

If you have dry or uncomfortable eyes, you may have meibomian gland dysfunction. Its the most common cause of Dry Eye Syndrome and you may benefit from Blephasteam treatment. Sit back and relax with a cup of coffee while the Blephasteam warm up your eyelids for 12 minutes. After 3 treatments your eyes will feel better. $45 per treatment.

Department of Veteran Affairs
We are registered to provide eye testing and glasses to Veterans (holders of Gold Card or if specified on White Card) by the Department of Veteran Affairs. There may be out of pocket costs for additional tests or for non-standard glasses.

Ready-Made Spectacles
Most people need a different lens power for each eye, hence ready-made spectacles are not suitable, and in fact could damage your vision. Using the wrong power reading glasses can make your vision deteriorate faster. However, some people have equal vision in each eye and normal eye-coordination and this makes them suitable for ready-mades. If your eye test shows your vision is suitable for ready-made spectacles then we will let you know the correct power to use.

Contact Lenses.
Contact Lenses are a great way to correct your vision. They can correct most peoples prescription, even astigmatism, and can be worn part-time. We use Soft and Hard and Disposable contact lenses. You can start with free trial lenses. A popular option is 30 pairs of daily disposables for casual use for only $90.

Contact lenses that shape your eyes overnight to give normal vision all day without any lenses at all. See more on our Our Services>Contact Lenses/OrthoK page. $1200 -$1900 depending on prescription.

Each year we have final year Optometry students from Melbourne University and Deakin University visit Hamilton for a few weeks. They do clinical placements at metropolitan, rural and overseas clinics during their final year of study to give them a broad experience of how optometry practice can vary at different locations. The students love coming to country areas for a chance to see how a country practice really operates. In Hamilton, the students get to see some things that are less common than the city – including scratched corneas, assessing peoples vision after head injury, paediatrics and helping children with reading problems. So many people come to get some help with their eyes and dont even need glasses.

The students do active observation during the eye exam and may do some of the tests to help them learn techniques that will make them better Optometrists. Sometimes they may perform the initial part of the eye exam and then get the Optometrist the re-check the results and tests. Please speak to our staff if you have any questions about having a student optometrist present or conducting parts of your examination.

Don’t know which eye drops to use? Not all over the counter (OTC) drops are the same. We can help you find the right eye drop for you. Or prescribe a special drop if that is whats needed. Some people need a lipid spray and some people need lid wipes to treat Blepharitis (dandruff like crusting of the lashes). Now we have BLEPHASTEAM in-office treatment for meibomian gland dysfunction. The right treatment will get your eyes feeling better faster.

For your frames, we use top quality lenses and coatings. Our lenses are sourced from leading lens companies – Carl Zeiss, Nikon, Hoya and Essilor.

Lenses are available in the following but not only these options:
– single vision with high quality anti-reflection coating $150,
– extended focus / office / computer / music $180,
– bifocal $160,
– trifocal $200, and
– multifocal (progressives) – Basic $270, or Our Favorite Nikon anti-reflection lenses $370.

Other features can be added to your lenses such as Opti-fog (anti-fogging coating), Crizal Alize anti-reflection coating (for night time driving/computer/general use to reduce reflections), and Transitions photosensitive and polarization. As a minimum, all our lenses come with double hardcoat to prevent scratching.

Prices are a guide because it depends on prescription and frame.

Blue Control
A new coating from Hoya lenses is ‘Blue Control’ which reduces the whiteness from computer and tablet screens – which creates less eye-strain for you. This is BEST to use on your computer glasses.

This new type of lens may be for you. It is lightly tinted inside… and dark outdoors…but it also becomes polaried when you are outdoors – amazing. It is probably a special purpose lens that wont suit everyone’s needs but for some people it is just what they want.

EYEZEN lenses have Crizal Preventia coating to stop glare off digital devices and also a near boost of power for when you look at your smart phone – they stop eyes getting strained. Approx $200 per pair.

Safety Glasses
Certified Safety Glasses are available that meet the new Australian Standard, with certificate or just a pair for the workshop. See us to discuss contracts for the workplace – large or small volume.

We are now stocking a range of Bolle and EYRES SAFETY GLASSES ready for prescription. Some have over shields for converting into sunglasses or yellow tint. Try the Lightning Bugs that attach to the frame and help you see in poor light.

We are happy to re-fit your frames with new lenses. Our on-site workshop minimises your time without your glasses. But dont expect a complicated rimless fit to be done in an hour. $30.
To improve your companies productivity, consider how much your employees use their vision for work. Screening all employees can detect employees with un-noticed reduced vision and correction will increase their speed and accuracy of work. We provide written reports on each screening. Ask us for a quote – you only need to provide us with type of work, visual tasks & number of employees. Commonly they cost $40 ea (note: Work screenings cannot be claimed under Medicare due to Federal rules)
We can enhance your sports vision using contact lenses, eye exercises or even special tints for your chosen sport. We often recommend contact lenses for sport. However, special glasses can be made suitable for most sports. Prescription goggles are available for swimmers. We also stock wrap frames made from soft rubber which are suitable for sports such as basketball. For outdoor sports such as cricket & cycling, consider Adidas sunglasses with prescription inserts – different lens colours can be used depending on the weather conditions. Please refer to our sunglasses and contact lens sections.

Civil Aviation Safety Authority.
At certain points in a pilots career they must have a vision test with a Designated Aviation Ophthalmologist (DAO) or Credentialed Optometrist (CO). Glenn is a Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) – Credentialed Optometrist and can report directly to CASA on their online medical reporting site. This allows CASA and the DAME to see the reports immediately which avoids any delays and keeps you flying.

Stroke/ Head injury
There are particular problems encountered by someone who has had whiplash, concussion, chronic fatigue, stroke or head injury. You may experience movement of the world, delay in focus after moving your eyes or excessive glare even from indoor lights. Post trauma vision syndrome can be helped with special lenses and our training in Behavioural Optometry at the University of New South Wales allows us to assist many people with these symptoms.

Health Fund Benefits
Health Fund Benefits (optical) can be claimed for all our prescription glasses and contact lenses. We provide electronic claiming on the spot with HICAPS. HICAPS has over 40 participating health funds.

No drops testing
We use Triolat ICARE tonometers for glaucoma testing which allows the intra-ocular pressure of the eyes to be measured without drops. For those who are preservative and chemical sensitive, this is the perfect option for checking eye pressure.

Most tests can be performed without drops – we will always inform you if eye drops are needed for any reason as part of your testing.

Wheel Chair Access
Our rooms are accessible to wheelchairs (including large motorised) and walking frames. The reception desk is set low to allow you to see the staff from a seated position.

We accept EFTPOS, Cheque, Cash, Health Fund (Optical), Direct Deposit, Paypal, Credit Cards- including VISA, Mastercard, American Express, JCB.

The best results come from Vision Training when it is conducted weekly in the office and then some practice occurs at home. Training generally takes 18 – 28 weeks. We provide the equipment you need and taking a short break during training is OK. $1200

Visual Field Test
A test of your visual field is actually measuring your central & peripheral vision – it is much more accurate than holding you own fingers out to the sides of your head. Very small mid-peripheral defects can be early signs of a problem. eg. glaucoma. Anyone with a history of headaches or stroke should have a field-of-vision test (Field Test). If there are any defects in the field, the pattern can indicate what the underlying problem is. Cost $70 Concession $60 Rebate from Medicare $54.

The price of your frames and lenses is related to the quality. Metal frames, which require more skilled operations in their production, are generally more expensive. For example, titanium frames are almost indestructible, but cost considerably more than regular metal frames, while frames with high quality gold finishes will also cost more.

A recent survey of customers purchasing glasses for themselves found that the actual cost of their frames and lenses was similar from many stores. This survey included stores that that advertise cheap prices, as well as independent retailers such as ourselves.

We pride ourselves at Glenn Howell Optometrist on providing great after sales service and warranties on our eyewear.

See each service for its associated cost.

2 Years – Frame
2 Years – Lenses and Coatings
3 Months – Prescription
Lifetime – Servicing

1 Month – Rimless hole splitting

Additional information: Some frames have unconditional warranty, others have manufacturing warranty.
For frames under warranty, we will repair or replace frame or parts of frame as needed.

Payment of Consultation fees is expected at time of service. We can do Medicare online claiming to claim your rebate for you – Medicare will pay your rebate to you – usually the next day into your bank account that you have registered with Medicare.

Payment of glasses, contact lenses etc is expected at time of collection. We use HICAPS to claim your private optical insurance rebate on the spot and you only pay the difference.

In the event of an overdue account eg. glasses have been produced by Glenn Howell Optometrist upon your verbal agreement and no payment received. “…and your overdue account is referred to a collection agency and/or law firm, you will be liable for all costs which would be incurred as if the debt is collected in full, including legal demand costs”.