Children are provided with glasses only when they are needed. Glasses are often the best and fastest way to improve a child’s vision especially when there are eye-focusing problems or an eye-turn (strabismus). In many cases the child only needs the glasses for school work and may only need the glasses for 2 or 3 years.

Children’s Frames

Children’s frames are specially designed to fit small faces. There are lots of features and special lenses you can choose to ensure their glasses fit comfortably and will survive a child’s active lifestyle. Your child’s new glasses will be fitted and adjusted to ensure they are comfortable to wear.

We stock a number of brands of children’s frames, including Adidas, Domani, Hugs & Kisses.

Children’s Sunglasses

Although most parents are aware that sun protection is vital for skin, many do not realise our eyes are naturally ten times more sensitive to UV light or that children are most at risk. Sunglasses are more than a fashion accessory, as they are necessary to protect our eyes from glare and damaging (UV) ultraviolet rays. It is recommended that all children wear wrap around sunglasses with good UV protection to minimise the damage caused by harmful UV rays. Prescription sunglass options are also available for children requiring vision correction. If you have trouble keeping sunglasses on your child, try putting a hat on their head as well.